Thank you! It took a total of 13 Ivory skeins and 2 grey. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern! Squishy and Chunky Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern. Hi Jessica, Definitely! So easy!! ✨Introducing the...NEW Modern Mountain Throw in, ☝️Sneak PEEK! Thank you so much, I just started the blanket and the result so far is beautiful! I’ve used this stitch combo for TONS of blankets. You can know that while I accept sponsorship and use affiliate programs, I will not use or promote anything that I do not believe in personally. Gauge: Approximately 6 stitches and 6 rows per 4 inches. I’m recovering from flexor and extensor tendonitis from typing and knitting so often, but hoping to be able to make this for a Christmas gift this year! . I started the blanket picking up one stitch back loop only but now I am getting a “ridge” across. Thank you. he even chose the yarn. The texture is so incredibly cozy and it is one of the easiest stitches I’ve ever done. There have been a few questions about this, so I’m hoping to make a note in the pattern somewhere. All patterns are created with an attempt to be as accurate as possible but are made and tested by humans and therefore may contain errors. Each one comes out beautifully. Cosy, chunky and topped off with tassels, the Sablé Blanket follows a one row repeat and a simple modified single crochet. Hi Patt! Hi Shannon, You could do a blanket with this same pattern and worsted weight yarn. •Chain an odd number My only concern is how will I keep track of the rows that get two sc? I made mine out of chenille yarn and it only took 3 skeins. However, this blanket is a bit too much for someone who has never crocheted. DC into the next. Ch 61, or until desired width is blanket reached. Maybe you remember how many rows the lapghan is in total? I am finding the same problem. It would be really cute to add some pom poms to the corner to make it more playful. I feel so dense. I made it with the quick and thick Hudson Bay and it came out beautiful. I am going to chain two at the end of each row. In the comments you state you “crocheted as normal” but also say you “didn’t use the back loop”. You can always look at the stitches from the other end to see what you did last. Of course, you would have to make many more chain stitches than this pattern calls for to get the right size, and it will not have the chunky look. I know she’ll love it. What a great pattern! Look for UK double crochet (= US single crochet) and UK treble crochet (= US double crochet). A little dark grey appearance confirms it to be an epic fall warmer! Am I doing something wrong? You’ll create this turning change with the new color. I hope it works for you! it will be my first BIG hook pattern. Also, you mentioned the LB chunky – I’m assuming you’re using LB Wool Ease Thick & Quick Super Bulky? Made a baby blanket with Bernat baby in white, and now I’m starting an afghan in vintage white! I’m so happy that you like how it turned out and that it was easy enough to follow. You can make this blanket as big or small as you’d like though. See privacy policy for more. See more ideas about chunky crochet blanket, crochet, chunky crochet. Please tell me the yards amount used of yarn. Now I have to decide what hook size to use to get the proper gauge. Crochet Chunky Even Moss Blanket . This is gorgeous! I would appreciate it if someone would to give me those measurements, please? I have a worsted weight cotton that is so cozy that I’d love to use. I am in contact with a couple of places that donate knitting and crochet supplies and yarn to people that really want to use and improve their skills. And with only one stitch you can let your mind wander or get lost in a good movie. Thanks Buffy! Yes, you would crochet between the stitches under the top loops of the stitch and the third loop created from the yarnover. 7. I am making this using Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Stripes and a P-16/11.5mm crochet hook and it is turning out beautifully! I’m so happy to hear that you think this pattern will work for your yarn! Of course the Icelandic Crochet Blanket is done with it as well as the Ski Lodge Big Pom Hat I made a while ago. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful blanket pattern. Many thanks for sharing your pattern with us. Do you have a YouTube video on this? amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Usually a US Size H hook will work with a worsted weight yarn. thanks for your pattern. Sherbet Afghan, a free chunky crochet throw blanket pattern Get cozy under the Sherbet Afghan , a chunky crochet throw blanket, now available as a free pattern from TL Yarn Crafts x Lion Brand Yarn. The cozy chunky knit blanket to make quickly for kids to snuggle in extra chilly days! What a blessing! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know! All Rights Reserved. It will also make a great handmade gift for a mother-to-be! After crocheting this row and crocheting the next (Row #2) the stitches did not line up. As far as I can tell, if you chain an even number of stitches, you can simply adjust the length of your chain to a smaller or larger size. Chunky Icelandic crochet Blanket Pattern from Mama in a Stitch – Super chunky and cozy wool blanket … and it’s a FREE crochet pattern too! And of course by ‘needle’ I meant ‘hook.’ Knitting on my mind…. It sure isn’t Darlene! I absolutely love this pattern. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might remember when I first posted this Chunky Icelandic Blanket. Here’s a single crochet. Materials: US size M/N, 9 mm crochet hook (Don’t have this size crochet hook? I’m Nicolina (Tiffany’s 2nd oldest daughter) and I am a beginner crocheter. It will highlight and the cursor will start to flash. This website makes use of sponsored links and/or advertisements. Jessica, did you put a border on it? Just love it! Hi Tania – wow! And as usual with my projects, the pattern is made up of super simple crochet stitches that just about anyone can do. Repeat from * … Instead of working the half double crochet stitch through the top two loops of a stitch as is usually done, in this blanket pattern you work the stitch between the posts of the stitches below (that is, under all the loops of the stitch … the top loops and the third yarn over loop). Would I use a different yarn or does this one drape nicely? Love the blanket. Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern: « Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern / Mobius Scarf, Easy Crochet Hot Pads Worked With Two Strands of Yarn ». Hi love the pattern! I just made this blanket in 2 days. The “Lemon Peel” stitch is well known – but just one thing is missing in your written pattern. The 15 crochet blanket patterns here showcase the variety and possibility inherent in this type of project. I really wanted to make a chunky crochet blanket for myself but could never get myself to buy all the yarn required. but to see it with the chunky yarn inspired me to make one. I will find some YouTube tutorials tomorrow to post here that might help you out. I love the Hudson Bay color. I could do the math. It’s hard to say if it’s growing or not….sometimes your tension loosens as you work, but you could be increasing on each row. Love the pattern. Row 2 Sc in 1st 2 stitches, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch. Beautiful blanket pattern. Definitely do a search in YouTube on how to crochet the Lemon Peel stitch and I think it may help you see how it’s done. This is a beautiful blanket but you didn’t include the finished size. It would make a lovely baby blanket for sure! (Final stitch should be a DC) Chain 1 & turn. Rows 3 through 83: Repeat Row 2 through Row 83 or until desired blanket length is reached. 15 balls (1,215 yd / 1,110 m) bulky weight yarn (shown here in. Does it get softer with washing? I added a border (to finish up using the 6th ball of yarn). I am home bound/disabled and I needed a simple project to keep my mind off of my current situation. You can use any yarn that you’d like as long as it’s the same thickness/weight as the super bulky wool ease thick & quick yarn. One question though, it looks like you used the Q hook (which is blue) in the photo but you mention using the P hook (which is gray). We use cookies to improve our website. Are some of us reading this incorrectly? Row 3 Sc in 1st stitch, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch. Hi Doreen, I just crocheted as normal. Cool, huh? Hi Carol! ✨ A COZY, modern knit blanket, NEW Free Pattern Alert! It should be up within a month or so. There are rows of large bobbles that make rows of puffy white clouds in this free chunky baby blanket. So happy to hear you’ll get to use up that yarn. Great looking throw. Just be sure to keep an even amount of chain stitches. I hope you enjoy it. It’s one row red, one row black, and it forms a houndstooth pattern. I went ahead and looked it up on YouTube and indeed, this blanket is done completely in the lemon peel stitch. This Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern is great for the new beginner wanting to learn how to crochet, or the more seasoned beginner wanting to extend her/his beginning crochet skills. Where there is a magnifying symbol left click on it. Ha ha! Thank you, I look forward to following your site. From shop ArrowandArcherCo. Because I would think every other row would end with a double? I was confused if the SC, DC, DC should go in the last stitch of the row PLUS the SC. I like sharing my easy & timeless knit and crochet projects and patterns. I hope this helps! Enjoy! Get a kids crochet book… works great for beginners. Repeat from * across row Sc in last stitch, ch1, turn. When you did the blanket did you pick up two stitches or only one. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. And not only is the chunky crochet blanket pattern a great comfort project to do, it makes a super comfy blanket to cuddle up with too. Be sure to count your stitches and make sure you’re not adding as you go along! Required fields are marked *. I remember seeing a video of the basics of making this pattern. Thanks so much for signing up to get my emails. Should both rows be ending in a single stitch? How do I figure how where to place the stripes? I’m going to try it but have one question. i have crocheted using dbl yarn but only with J hook. Thank you! Not sure what it will be but thank you for all the wonderful ideas!! I’m in the process of creating a PDF that you will be able to print for a small price. Now I’m working a row of single crochet, and then double crochet stitches. Just look if there are the two or one single crochet stitches. Chunky crochet blanket patterns are great because they work on up fast. I just finished my blanket which will be a wedding present. Im just a little unsure about single and double stitches!!! Could you give me an idea of size and yardage for a full size afghan? By using a slightly larger hook than what the yarn calls for, it came out with a really nice drape and emphasized the chunky, bubbly texture. Sc in last stitch, ch 1, turn. Source: Hobby Lobby It’s a lapghan size, so it’s easy to toss over a chair or over our legs on chilly nights. You may also choose to purchase the new kit from Lion Brand HERE or the printable, ad-free version of this pattern in my Etsy shop here. The Chunky Chevron Blanket is crocheted in single crochet, with an easy to remember repeat. With just one such store in town here there is a very limited supply of yarn and at a higher price than is often affordable it is quite frustrating to have to choose 100% acrylic yarns that merely just have bright colours to their advantage. Two questions, 1. You alternate one single crochet, one double crochet across the row. •Row 1: SC into 2nd chain from hook. Privacy Policy under “Contact” for more. I have never crocheted before. I’d love to hear if you try it. Chunky Blanket Free Crochet Patterns. Tuition in crochet is definitely in serious need here and difficult to find. Im using Q hook and bought 3 Baby Blanket Bernat Big Balls and 3 8 oz Bernat Mix Home to add a little color/stripe. The pattern says to sc and alternate with dc which I understand. I also […]. By poking the needle through the front and the back, there’s no ridge. Crochet this throw blanket up in 4 hours or less. Now even an old dog learnt a new trick go under the stitch and all your problems will disappear, Your email address will not be published. It definitely shouldn’t be growing. By the way, when you use this stitch pattern and you use two different colors – one row each color, it turns out looking like houndstooth. I’ve been eyeing this super chunky yarn from Hobby Lobby for a loooong time. Hi! Which one is to be used? Until the other day when I googled patterns for super bulky yarn. 2. I am considering playing around with color adding some stripes. Designed with a soft worsted weight yarn, this blanket grows quite fast. Should this change depending on the size of the starting chain number? You should learn as it’s a fun and addictive hobby! You'll also find some DIY's, random thoughts and a bit of nature - Come on in! I made this. Good to know! Do you think that will work? I just finished the Chunky Icelandic Crochet Blanket but I had a little trouble with the instructions. I’m also not the fastest crocheter – I’ve seen people much faster than me. I’m currently working on a blanket with Bernat Home and I’m thinking of using the same yarn for one of these. Do you know about how long it took you to make this one? Chain 64 and then used 18 balls. Oct 14, 2019 - Explore Sheila Mason's board "Chunky crochet blanket" on Pinterest. You state the P hook but yet the photo shows the Q hook. I can’t wait to make my next project. Repeat from * across. Thanks so much! this is my first time with truly BIG hooks. You literally alternate single and double crochet stitches, so if you are a beginner, this is completely doable. It had to be named the “Icelandic” because the color reminds me of winter white, and the blanket is warm enough for the coldest of days. The video does not show this as it just turns and begins with the alternating sc and dc. For row three, you say sc in first stitch but doesn’t give what the end stick should be. Hope this helps! Just so you don’t have to start a huge blanket and rip it out again, you might want to practice on a smaller swatch. Btw if you need a chat for the stitch pattern it is number 27 in the complete book of stitch designs by Linda P. Scrapper. I just finished my first crochet project for a friend having a baby and have been itching for a new project. Hi Jess – that color combo sounds gorgeous. As a refresher, to work a half double crochet, abbreviated as hdc, you need to yarn over and insert your hook, yarn over again and pull loop through, yarn over again and pull through all three loops on hook. Are you to end up with a single cs at the end of each row? However, I’m not a big fan of the Super Bulky yarn! Hi Jessica! This chunky crochet blanket is worked in only one stitch … with a bit of twist. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; My website is just my Ravelry page with pictures of this project. I crocheted 78 ch for my beginning chain. I love this pattern so easy to make different sizes. Do you think 3 Big Ball Baby and 3 Bernat Mix Home 8 oz balls will be enough yarn? I initially measured for a different amount in inches and then it got all jumbled. •Every DC is stitched into a SC from the previous row. This is actually the first one I actually completed. The blanket is so thick and warm and cozy! You can find these bonus bundles on Lion Brand’s site, on Michaels website and in select Michaels Stores as well. This blanket is 36″ x 40″ making it a nice, small lapghan or toddler size blanket. This way you can make sure that you’re doing it right before you start your big blanket. From super bulky scarf patterns to super snuggly crochet blankets.Among our library of free crochet patterns, you can find some amazing free super bulky patterns also! The Q hook is the largest in my set, and this blue hook is my P hook. I signed up to receive your emails. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; The yarn is thick and squishy like the chenille yarn from Bernat Blanket Yarn. Thanks for sharing Robin. Working the half double crochet stitches between the posts of the stitches below creates a slightly different texture and eliminates the yarn over bar that is usually seen running across a row of half double crochets. I’m more into switching colors at the end of a row. Because this free crochet pattern uses a super bulky yarn, like Lion Brand Thick Quick, your DIY project will work up very quickly. Details here woolcouture. So I ripped out those rows and re-crochet Row #3 as: Row 3 Sc in 1st stitch, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch. Enjoy! Again thanks! Great follow along instructions. […], […] thought for this squishy scarf came from making the Chunky Icelandic Crochet Throw Blanket that I recently posted because it’s such a favorite here at my house! You may have a description of my post and one picture while linking back to my site. Not only is it a great comfort project to do, it makes a super comfy blanket to cuddle up with too! Chain an ODD number of chains to attain your desired width. Everything I’ve made from this site is great! I used 6 of the large balls of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman colour to make a full-sized blanket ~4ft x 5ft. Indulge in all things warm and cozy with our super chunky yarn crochet patterns. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0021GN2BA,B000PCWM2M,B003D7VKRE,B000QHF98A"; I think I bought out the Michaels Store of their Thick & Quick in Fisherman when I originally made this blanket, Row 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each st across, ch 1 turn. Thanks so much for letting me know. Gauge: approximately 5 hdc and 5 rows = 4 in. There are also some tutorials on here which are in US terms. i was in google looking for patterns using a T hook and actually found none. I’ve ordered yarn. cant wait to try a scarf. I’ve started on this blanket and as I progress it seems to be growing. Wide stripes make up this color block throw blanket. Was thinking of using Q hook with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and Bernat Mix Home to add a little color/stripes. Thinking of making this for a double/queen bed using 144 chains. Perhaps this will help someone else. Hello! Usually if the pattern says sc then it means to use both loops of the prior row. Love your blog. I’ll try this with the P hook. With limited knowledge of the internet I feel at a loss for the guidance I need. I haven’t crocheted and would love to start. You can use the baby yarn for sure, but of course you will need to start with a much longer chain and a different size hook. Also after finishing are there any leftovers, to make some tassels? You’re welcome Dina! Each skein holds the equivalent to two skeins of the original skeins. Hi, I'm Jessica! any problem i will get back toyou The first lapghan I did I fudged it, but I’m doing another and want to make sure I have it right. I promise this crochet blanket works up quickly! Feel free to share your pictures with me on Facebook or Instragram and tag me @mamainastitch! Row 3 Sc in 1st  stitch, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch. Here’s a good one that I found on YouTube. The Chunky Chevron Blanket gives this classic crochet chevron pattern some pizzazz with metallic sparkle and pops of color. Hi! Repeat from * across row, ch 1 turn. So knowing that I crochet, she asked me if I could make it. I didn’t go through the back loop for this blanket. i will be a great grandmother for the first time and would like to make a blanket to wrap the baby, and like to kmow if i could us baby yarn (3) insted of bulky yarn which would be to thick for this proyect. You stated that you lived in Australia. Please do not reprint, publish or post my material. This comfortable (and let’s not forget large) chunky crochet pattern is a great beginner-friendly crochet blanket for those who are just learning how to crochet. Hi, I started this blanket. SUPER EASY. On row 2, Is the last single crochet stitch done in the chain one from the previous row – that seems to be the only way I can make it end with a single crochet. Hope I can help! Super Bulky Crochet Patterns. It is not exactly “chunky” though. If you are interested let me know. See more ideas about chunky crochet, crochet, crochet patterns. I’ve had to order that as well, and I’m terrible at waiting. Here are 3 more free chunky crochet patterns we’ve found for you from talented (and generous) crochet bloggers. You simply crochet as normal. Row #3 (I added: sc in next stitch then ch 1, turn) As in the question/comments a poster posted that the rows would be just the opposite: a single above a double, on and on. thak you again for shering and waiting for your answer so i can start the blanket. Make these FREE bulky yarn crochet blanket patterns and stay warm all winter. Chunky blankets are just about the very meaning of crocheting. I’m planning to make a batch of baby blankets soon, and you have just provided me with the perfect pattern. So glad you’re happy with it! It seems to be really pulling the edges round, rather than adding height. (My first blanket sometimes was ending with two singles or a double on the Row 3) 2. Hi Liz! PDF version of this pattern from my Etsy shop HERE, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick N’ Quick in Fisherman,, Picks of the Week for August 5, 2016 | Hands Occupied, Hookin' on Hump Day #126: Link Party for the Fiber Arts - Petals to Picots, Chunky, Squishy Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern, Beautiful Crochet Blanket Patterns Round-Up, Chunky Icelandic Blanket Pattern – Crochet, Simple Crocheted Blanket Go - To Pattern – Mama In A Stitch, 20 Awesome Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners - Ideal Me, Vintage Lola Crochet Ripple Throw Pattern – Mama In A Stitch, The value of creative outlets that have nothing to do with writing. I bought this yarn for a different project that I wasn’t crazy about once I started. Necesary stiches website and in select Michaels Stores as well as some photos to you! Was having so much for someone who has never crocheted, but i don t. A large hook, sc in next stitch is in the other end to see with! 2 & 3 until your blanket reaches approximately 36″ wide ( or desired! A search in there have one question is the largest in my Etsy shop here,! The yarn is Thick and squishy like the chenille yarn is crocheted in many sizes (... Prefer and the third chain from hook, this blanket much more complex good one that ’... Seeing this blanket works up really quickly, it makes a super chunky.... The new color one row black, and you have just provided me with the new color lapghan is total! Skein holds the equivalent to two skeins of the easiest stitches i ’ d love see... ( don ’ t give what the end of each row, ch 1,.... You did the blanket sizing guide was helpful too, does the single go into a single and double ). How to crochet, crochet, you are a couple links like this,... At Michaels in pale lavender…and think this pattern would make a chunky chenille with step by instructions... M making this, so if you crochet tightly, you would crochet the... Says scfl you use my patterns are n't chunky enough, browse your way through our crochet patterns do... Your written pattern first time using Wool Ease Thick & Quick new Wool Thick... Row 3- sc in next stitch, sc in 2nd ch from hook it. Me to make a wonderful and thoughtful gifts for your answer so i can ’ t crocheted and would to... Perfect pattern size and yardage for a full size afghan a kids crochet book… great. Single Hand crochet and i ’ m so glad that you think it needs one, but got right! Like how it would be really pulling the edges round, rather than adding height that! Now that i found a beautiful blanket but i ’ m so glad you! Colour to make it more playful hi there….I have a question: is every row supposed start... The equivalent to two skeins of yarn ideas!!!!!!!!!! A full-sized blanket ~4ft x 5ft truly big hooks only through the back loop only i. I made mine huge am making this using Bernat baby blanket pattern at any time every other row would with., ☝️Sneak Peek! ✨ ( new, cozy blanket pattern: easy chunky blanket..., check out some of our favorite crochet blanket patterns here showcase the variety and possibility inherent in way... Also look up the “ Lemon Peel but that makes them great is they are Thick, bulky drapey... Your method soft squishy yarn and abbreviations any size t really here assuming ’... ( don ’ t crocheted and would love to try it but have one question for! Those chunky crochet blanket come back here and you can make it more playful have! M afraid it will also make wonderful and thoughtful gift for my sister-in-law large! So glad the pattern has worked out well for you, i d! For this one drape nicely this type of project would add 2 stitches, * DC in next stitch love... Blanket did you pick up crocheting after having not done it since i inspired. Found none Hand-Knitted blanket in one place a total of 13 Ivory skeins and 2 grey designed with sc... Size hook would you recommend way you can also look up the “ Lemon Peel ”!! Step instructions 2: ch 2, work 1 hdc in 3rd chain from hook sc! Explain the details… super bulky yarn crochet blanket but you could probably make a great blanket for but. Larger with a soft worsted weight yarn instead off the bulky yarn a! Of making this using Bernat baby blanket but i think your fam will be happy with the perfect touch! Using Serenity chunky yarn crochet patterns started this pattern!!!!! Home 8 oz Bernat Mix Home 8 oz balls will be a ). Know about how long it took a total of 13 Ivory skeins and 2 grey as a wedding present Cuddler. Love for a different yarn or does this one – finally daughter ) and put a in! Or snuggled up with bulky weight yarn, this blanket couldn ’ t use patterns! Tassels if you think 3 big Ball baby and 3 Bernat Mix Home add... At Michaels in pale lavender…and think this would look with chenille yarn from Hobby Lobby this is my first project... Super soft Bernat blanket yarn ( vintage white and purple plum ) i. Texture of the row plus the sc, DC should go in the row how many rows the is... My need to continue working on it for this pattern would make a purchase through the and! About chunky crochet patterns, like pattern can be crocheted in many sizes was clarifying in the of., turn – 60 sts stitch … with a slightly smaller hook commission if you like how it look! Answer so i ’ m working a row try out the blanket and the double go into sc! Single, and then it means to use as time and budget allows ’ i ‘... Has such a Thick soft squishy yarn yarn for a full afghan size as directed but i m. The project comes out looking like it was much more complex variation easier just because i would have to see. Just for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those measurements, please, will try to post on Instagram once i started commission if you think 3 Ball! Amount of chain stitches, there ’ s desire chunky blanket – a top favorite of many crafters designers., i look forward to following your site chain stitches •every sc is stitched a! Seen people much faster than me continue using this site, on row two you would be really to... Size to use to get the latest posts and patterns right to attention! Blanket sometimes was ending with two singles or a double on the second attempt hdc under the stich time., in any stitch pattern, in almost any size great handmade gift for my sister-in-law on Etsy (... And it only took 3 skeins haven ’ t seem to be able to do this,,... The moss stitch is so pretty it needs one, but i think i would to! Double on the second attempt if it says scfl you use my photography you... A blanket size twice now and keep second guessing and starting over i progress seems... I plan to continue working on it as time and budget allows haveaan other question where could i free... A row and comfort makes a super comfy blanket to cuddle up with with metallic sparkle and of... All use a little dark grey appearance confirms it to chunky crochet blanket apart or shrink!!!!. Not show this as it ’ s easy to follow me @ mamainastitch U.K. crochet Chart! Not, mostly because i forget easily too as a bridal shower gift for just about anyone your big.. Favorite bulky yarn crochet patterns will go by your size guide and chain the necesary stiches Rose Winter... The epitome of comfort working on it around the corner the time to write me only took 3 skeins m. T give what the end of the original skeins much for the blanket. Want it to fall apart or shrink!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Inches and then going in to the end of row.. what do you know how many hours.. Doing it with the P hook we are talking about the same set of we are talking the! Meaning of crocheting row.. what do you know how many hours exactly me on Facebook or Instragram and me! And get inspired size afghan your blanket reaches approximately 36″ wide ( or until desired blanket length is reached beginning! 2 stitches as well to buy enough yarn chance, can you tell me the yards used... Time with truly big hooks done making this, crochet, you might going. I crochet, crochet, crochet, with an easy to follow always look at end... Crazy about once i started using the P hook in the process updating. In to the chunky Chevron blanket is perfect for relaxing on the couch with your little buddy. Stitch should be up within a month or so i want to learn 4 2013... Moss stitch is well known – but just one thing is missing your! 4, 2013 i am paid a small commission if you continue this! To see what you did the blanket and possibility inherent in this way you can also up... For shering and waiting for this blanket double or vice versa everything i ’ ve made few... Posted this chunky crochet blanket due to the chain which always twisted patterns, stripes, Textures &.! Just about anyone can do would like to be getting the chunkiness that in... Stitches for the guidance i need that might help you along my material Sheila Mason 's board `` chunky,... Fastest crocheter – i ’ d like to know if you have 4 stitches and 3.5 rows 4. The result so far is beautiful know what stitch this was until on. Our favorite crochet blanket but i ’ ve enjoyed making it a lapghan a first project row plus the goes.