Today, native communities in both the U.S. and Russia hunt bowheads for subsistence purposes. In terms of sheer body mass, it is second only to the blue whale and bowhead whale in size. es. The bowhead whale is the second heaviest animal on the Earth, next to the blue whale. fr . Description (A) The 2015 bowhead calf carcass that provided the first evidence of killer whale predation on a bowhead whale in the U.S. Pacific Arctic. Unlike most other whale species that migrate to more temperate waters for a few seasons, the bowhead whale lives almost entirely in fertile Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. The Bowhead Whale is one of the more thick-bodied whales.Their length ranges from about 46-59 feet (14-18 meters). “Using our lifespan estimator and the bowhead whale genome, we estimated the maximum longevity of the bowhead whale to be 268 years. The bowhead whale is one of the longest living animals on the planet; some of them can live up to 200 years. bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) provides an interesting case study for examining patterns of long-term change in population size evaluated with genetic polymorphism data. Size comparison of an average human and a Bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus). These large animals can live for over 70 years and grows to almost 70 feet long. A+ . Similar to their ruminant relatives, as well as their sister taxa Hippopotamidae, the bowhead whale stomach is a multichambered organ and highly distensible to accommodate seasonally abundant and/or patchy prey aggregations. The bowhead whale gastrointestinal system is complex. The right whale or black whale refers to three species of large baleen whales. They can weigh between 175,000-200,000 lbs. Adults will usually weight between 75 and 100 tons (150,000 to 200,000 pounds) but at birth they are around 2,000 pounds. Contact Us. Date: 2006 (converted 2007) Source: Own work: Author: Chris huh (converted by User:King of Hearts Permission (Reusing this file) The bowhead whale’s conservation status is listed as “least concern” overall, but some populations (such as near Greenland) are endangered. Their weight averages at … Contributing to the whale's mass is a two foot thick layer of insulating blubber (Nicklen 2000). The bowhead whale is black (with the exception of a whitish area on the lower front jaw) and is usually between 15 and 18 meters in length although one whale of this species has been measured at 19.8 meters. Bowhead whales, on average, are sixty feet in length and weigh around 100 tons. Balaena mysticetus also has a small pectoral fin for its size, less than 200 centimeters in length (Nowak 1999). The Bowhead Whale – The bowhead whale is next up on the largest whale species list coming in at around 45-58 feet in length. They have traditionally been hunted by commercial whalers until the last century for oil, meat, and baleen. Five currently recognized stocks, or populations, of bowhead whales live in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere and include the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas (BCB), Bowhead Whale . Note … A-A. Choose your language: en. The bowhead whale has a layer of blubber1½ feet thick that protects it from the freezing cold Arctic waters. Change text size. Commission General Information History and Purpose Membership & Contracting Governments Joining the IWC ... Bowhead whale Bryde's whale Common dolphin Dusky dolphin False killer whale Fin whale Gray whale Humpback dolphin Humpback whale Irrawaddy dolphin Killer whale