Understanding Berber Loops The use of the term berber when it is used to describe a loop carpet can be traced back to an indigenous people of North Africa, the Berbers, who created hand woven textiles that featured a distinct knot and natural multi-color flecks spun from different parts of the sheep's coat. Here's what to know about today's materials, costs and trends, Is it time to kick the hard stuff? In my personal and professional opinion, I think Berber carpet is out period. Another drawback of Berber is that it's just not as soft on your feet as a cut pile carpet. But to make it clear, I'm not a carpet expert, best to run your options by a professional. Berber Carpet Pros And Cons Best Brands Cost 2020 Manufacturers have been working hard to address this problem. I didn't think a cat would be strong enough to do that. The term Berber generally refers to carpet that's overall light in color with flecks of darker colors (usually brown or gray) and woven with a distinctive loop pile that attaches to the backing and remains uncut. Peel & Stick Berber Carpet Tiles Set of 10 Gray By Jumbl - Household Carpeting - Amazon.com ... My boyfriend had the ingenious idea to use these carpet tiles as scratching post for our cat since he loves scratching on carpeting more than his other scratching post. It may just be the carpet we used in our new home, but between my son and dog, you can tell a story with every stain. I've also seen her clawing the carpet and does she ever enjoy it. Our guide will give you a crash course in Berber carpeting as we’re going to discuss pricing, installation, and the pros and cons of this unique carpet. I've heard people like We4mickey say "I've had it for years and no problems", and I've heard people say "we had berber for 2 months and the dog/cat/ferret/wolverine snagged a loop with a claw and ruined it." We recommend the following carpet types for pet owners (Note: they are all cut pile. Cats will ruin any carpet if they are allowed to sharpen their nails on it. Berber Carpet. We have Berber in one of our rooms and have had no issues with our cat snagging any loops. If your cat tends to look for places to scratch and doesn't use a scratching post or board reliably, you may want to reconsider a Berber. As mentioned above, it takes a lot of force to tear out one loop, never mind an entire row. I had Berber in a bedroom in my previous house for 10 years - with 3 cats. Is that correct? Choose from exciting designs, rich colours and adaptive styles. Yes, Bella can pull up the loop, not all the way out, but I can tell when she's been at it. The looped nature of a Berber carpet is a temptation that many cats cannot resist. It does require a lot of force to snag a Berber. I have had berber carpet in a kitchen (briefly until I could rip it out). Someone said I shouldn't get Berber carpeting if I have cats - that their nails will catch on the loops and pull the threads out of the backing. Indeed, fiber is generally stronger in looped form than it is in cut form, but that doesn’t mean that all Berbers are more durable than other styles. Berber carpet is a tightly-looped classic widely considered virtually pet-proof when it comes to shedding issues and stains. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. If you own a cat, you know that scratching is one of their favorite hobbies. Still LOVE it. As looped styles became more popular, the color choices became more varied. It's highly improbable that an animal running across the carpet will snag its claw in a loop. However, if you have a cat that loves to sharpen its claws, it may find the Berber texture appealing, and can very definitely cause some damage by repeatedly kneading the carpet. With that said, I would recommend that you choose a more kitchen-friendly flooring. I am a real estate agent and Berber carpet is something that is hard to sell because it is very hard to keep clean, especially with pets. Olefin is much less costly than other fibers such as nylon or wool. History. Your vacuum will likely have an option to replace the vacuum head or simply turn off the beater bar. Berber can even be used on stairs and around railing posts―when properly installed you will not be able to see the carpet backing between the rows of loops as it bends around the edge of the stairs. I guess that it was better than shag or plush carpet in a kitchen, but that really is not saying much. Never had a single pulled thread. Berber Carpets And Cats. The first reason is that many Berbers are made from olefin fiber. Yes we have a berber carpet (stairs, landing, 2 bedrooms) and 2 cats. I made the mistake of installing it in two rentals. A lower-quality Berber is not going to be as durable as a mid-quality Saxony. masuzi May 15, 2015 Uncategorized Leave a comment 61 Views. In addition to the relatively low cost, a big advantage of Berber carpet is that it is fairly easy to clean spills and stains. I've had some success with using a hot glue gun sort of repair it but it generally looks terrible.... go with something, anything! If you have pets, make sure what ever you choose isn't looped... my dogs toe nails have gotten caught in my carpet - snagged their nails AND pulled out the loops in the carpet. The 169K will not sink into the carpet and cause damage. At Flooring UK we sell a large selection of wool berber carpets as well as stainfree berber carpet styles. Add multiple shelves or mix and match with complementary products the Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf and the Lotus Cat Tower to create the perfect room for you and your cat to share. The carpet isn’t going to hurt your kids or pets (no, not even your cat’s claws), and your children aren’t going to hurt the carpet without planning to. Comfortable Berber carpet adorns the top of the shelf which can be replaced if worn. Many Berbers are multi-colored or have the traditional color fleck, which makes them great for hiding soiling and any stains that do occur. Because of the looped construction, spills tend to sit on the surface of the carpet, so if you can get to them early, you will likely be able to prevent them from sinking into the fiber. Depends on your cat, I have four and one is a determined scratcher despite several scratching posts he loves our very expensive duck egg blue leather sofa. Berber carpeting is available at many different price points, some of which could be comparable in price to other cut-pile styles. I guess that it was better than shag or plush carpet in a kitchen, but that really is not saying much. A wool carpet is desirable, as its durability can withstand a cat's nails, and fur tends to remain at the surface, as opposed to sinking deep into the pile. As with anything else, to truly compare the value of a Berber to another style of residential carpet, you must be comparing two products of the same level. Some Berbers, especially those made from olefin, can even be rough. With looped carpets, cat’s paws will often pull the loops out and cause the carpet to unravel in sections. Granted the carpet is fairly old and seems fairly flat....but I have never seen the cat clawing it at and pulling up any loops or strands. My cat works at the spot on the carpet just beneath a closed door so all my doors have a "threshold" in the berber. Here are some important facts and useful Berber carpet information to help you choose the right style of Berber Carpet for your home. It is easier to clean if they throw up than plush. Check the stain protection level, and also what I believe it is called a loop or thread count( the more the better). Berber carpet consists of multiple loops, and it can be found in various spaces around the home such living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, etc. I don't know of any materials they can't claw. Cats did a fabulous job of de-threading it :). Cats really love to live in homes that feature Berber carpets. While it was once thought of only for basement rec rooms and home offices, it is now a popular choice for all areas of the home. This will partly depend on the quality of the carpet, but generally, this scenario is not very likely. I have had berber carpet in a kitchen (briefly until I could rip it out). One of the reasons that Berber has become increasingly popular is that it has a reputation for being less expensive than other residential carpet styles. If I had to put carpet in a kitchen (which would never, ever happen - because carpet in a kitchen is highly undesirable for so, so many reasons), I would use carpet tiles (and buy extra of them). Berber carpet pros and cons best berber carpet colors cost pros vs berber carpets description pros and cons berber carpet pros and cons what kind. What have other people experienced? From my experience, someone else's house to put it in. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. ProSource Memphis, what do you recommend? One disadvantage of Berber is the possibility of snagging and/or running. If there is already a snag in the carpet, the power head could easily get hold of the loose strand and wrap it around the rotating bar and is powerful enough to cause the strand to unravel. In case you don’t have a pet in your house and you are not concerned with the spill marks, Berber carpet flooring is one of the best options available for you in the market. However, if your kitty is a clawmeister, the loops may encourage serious scratching (some flooring experts report entire sections of carpet uprooted by overly ambitious felines). If your cat tends to look for places to scratch and doesn’t use a scratching post or board reliably, you may want to reconsider a Berber. 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However, cats that enjoy scratching (and most cats do) might take to your berber if they like the texture, and if they scratch long enough, they can definitely damage the fibers. - Made of a combination of solid wood and bent ply. This feature means that Eureka 169K can clean Berber and other types of carpet as well as hard floors. Our Berber is 13 years old. He pulls up a loop and pulls it so I get a nice long string pulled out. It’s pretty clear that Berber carpets, being a delicate type of carpeting, require a light touch to … If I had to put carpet in a kitchen (which would never, ever happen - because carpet in a kitchen is highly undesirable for so, so many reasons), I would use carpet tiles (and buy extra of them). Typically, Berber is found most often in looped styles of carpeting. The lightweight design is also perfect for Berber carpet. Their eye-catching dyes and patterns of Berber carpets follow an ancient style that dates back several thousand years ago. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. If you do use Berber on stairs make sure whoever installs it knows about the nap associated with it, that was the only thing that caused a bit of an issue. Berber carpets are carpets hand-woven by the Berber people in North Africa and the Sahara. It was mainly used for offices and basements, but berber carpeting now has more use in more formal areas such a living rooms and bedrooms. Re-style your home’s interior with our carpet ranges and collections. Berber has moved out of the basement and is now commonly found in all areas of the home. Berber Carpet Cats. I have had cats for years - declawed front - and have bought the cheap berber that is naturally stain-resistant (olefin for example) and love it. It's inspired by the weaving style of the Berber people of North Africa. If your cat tends to look for places to scratch and doesn't use a scratching post or board reliably, you may want to reconsider a Berber. Cats love to play with things. Berber Carpet Setbacks. So instead of being offered only in the flecked or multi-colors associated with Berber, looped carpet came to be available in solid colors as well. Don't suffer in silence over a paint, furniture or rug snafu — these affordable workarounds can help, Drop the paint can, step away from the brick and read this remodeling advice from people who’ve been there, Houzzers spill the beans about buying blunders, painting problems and DIY disasters, A South Carolina laundry room was designed to be sophisticated and functional, but when a kitten arrived, whimsy emerged, If you're a cat lover, the joys outweigh any other issue. Not pleasant when you've spent alot of money on your carpet.... not to mention the pet's painful paws with a snagged nail. Just be sure to choose the appropriate quality of carpet for the amount of traffic it will receive. Berbers stay looped, so this part of the manufacturing process can, therefore, be skipped. - 61" long and 10.5" deep. Berber Carpet Seam Repair In Carmel Movers Snag Berber Carpet Indianapolis Repair Moves Fast Tips Casual Style Of Berber Carpet For Home Flooring Idea Pet Damage Archives Calgary Carpet Repair And Installation Services The frieze carpets have held up much better comparatively in my own home. I have Berber in one room and my cat, Bella, somehow gets her claws in the loops. However, if you have a cat that loves to sharpen its claws, it may find the Berber texture appealing, and can very definitely cause some damage by repeatedly kneading the carpet. No matter what it is in the carpet that is causing the problem, it is a contact allergy, which is … The biggest concern many have with Berber is whether pets' claws will damage the carpet or whether the carpet will hurt the pet by catching its claws. All carpets begin as looped styles. Berber Carpet Pros And Cons What Kind Of Should I -> Source : arevalobroscarpetcleaning.com Berber Tears In Carpet From Cat Curlys Repair -> Source : curlyscarpetrepair.com What Types Of Carpets Are Best For Cats The Flooring Girl -> Source : theflooringgirl.com For this reason, beater bar attachments should not be used when vacuuming Berbers. While you don’t need a degree to find the best Berber carpet brands, it’s important to understand how the carpet is made and the difference between traditional and manufactured Berber as well. The most worn area in the Family room now has an area rug over it but my kids are still ten agers and I have no plans to change it for a few years. You can pick them up to wash them if necessary, and you can replace one if it gets even nastier than the rest of the carpet in the kitchen. Homeowners today have many choices and options with Berber styles, colors and quality levels. I think possibly they scratched more when they didn't have access to outside. Floor Berber Carpet That Lasts Hungonu Com Comfy Pro Tips To Get Cleaning Done Fast How Clean A Fabric Berber Carpets Description Pros And Cons Berber Carpet Pros and Cons. Berber is a looped pile could catch in their claws and tear up the carpet, creating permanent damage. To make cut piles such as Saxonies and friezes, the top of the loops are sheared off. The popularity of berber carpet has risen greatly over the last decade. Fascinating upholstery rug or carpet textures in a house how to repair damaged berber carpet due rows pulling loose. Browse sumptuously soft Saxony carpets, all-purpose Berber carpets, practical loop pile carpets and much more at Carpetright, the home of quality carpets. Looped carpets might seem to you better for home decoration but unfortunately, it does not work very well if you have a cat. Many wonder whether, if something does snag a loop, it will cause a "run" in the Berber and cause the carpet to unravel. I really dislike the cut pile, frieze, shag, types in my price range. Berber Carpet Cats. I also would like a carpet that doesn't show footprints or vacuum lines so easily. Dang cats, I love them so much, now I install cut Berber. By using The Spruce, you accept our, “Perfect Lightweight Absorbency”: Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel Review. Berber carpet pros and cons need to be considered when deciding it it is the right carpet choice for you and your family. Finding the best carpet for cats begins with finding a carpet that cats can’t easily damage. However, the name Berber stuck, so today the name most commonly refers to the looped style and not the color. One instance in which a run could happen is the use of a power head or beater bar vacuum on a Berber carpet. Berber carpeting is a wonderful choice for any home, but there are a few things to remember before you make a purchase. But now they go out they don't scratch much. Berber carpets and loop pile carpet are extremely popular due to their rustic appearance and durability. Even or stairs look pretty good. And, once there is a small issue, it almost becomes a game for the cat to pull out the carpet more. It is true, however, that Berber tends to offer more "bang for your buck" compared to other styles, meaning that for the same price, you will likely get more durability from the Berber than from the cut pile. They never destroy it with claws. My parents had 2 dogs that shed similar to a cat and they ended up having to pull it all up and put down hardwoods. Haven't had a problem - but maybe they're not particularly scratchy cats. We have very good quality carpet in our main living room and it is as perfect as the day we took possession two years ago. You can turn the brush roll on and off as well. No. However, the cord gives the vacuum more power, ideal for cleaning Berber carpet. A lot of cats are attracted to the Berber carpets because they are rough and hence make it their scratching post. Carpet may be more pet-friendly, as both dogs and cats have soft pads, and can slide and flounder on hardwood or linoleum surfaces. Berber versus plush carpet all about what s the best carpet for pet owners the refined feline lotus tower cat tree berber carpet from portico at Berber Tears In Carpet From Cat Curlys RepairBerber Carpets Description Pros And ConsBerber Carpet Colors Pros Vs Conore Empire FlooringAdvanes And Disadvanes Of Berber CarpetingBest Flooring For Cats Dogs […] These pets have a natural desire to scratch at items because it helps to keep their nails healthy. Their claws can pull and unravel looped carpet, causing your floor to look “purr”ty uneven. Berber carpet became popular in America in the early 1980's and has grown in popularity ever since! There are several reasons for this. In such a case, these carpets are more at risk of snagging and getting destroyed. Berber is a very versatile carpet style and can work with many types of decor. Berber carpet images tiles berber carpet pull. They scratch and stretch and their claws can get into everything – whether intentional or by accident. This photo about: Best Berber Carpet, entitled as Berber Carpet And Cats - also describes and labeled as: berber carpet,berber carpet colors,berber carpet home depot,berber carpet pictures,berber carpet prices,berber carpet reviews,mohawk carpet,traditional berber carpet,wool berber carpet… No personal experience with pets and berber but I worked for a carpet manufacturer as a sales rep for nearly 10 years. It's naturally fire-resistant, making it a safe alternative. else! grobby, do they actually pull the threads loose? With a loop construction, things can get caught in the loop and pull it out. Since your cat probably spends a large amount of time on the carpet, being allergic to it can create havoc within your cat’s immune system, causing extreme itchiness and sneezing fits. Scratch that with rakish kitty condos, perches and staircases, It's National Cat Day: Ask not what your cat can do for you (because it will ignore you) but what you can do for your cat, Show kitty you care and keep your style too with fun and cozy cat beds, perches, trees and decor, Carpeting adds a layer of warmth and softness to a space. In fact, cut carpets will hold up better than looped carpets with cats because cats love scratching and stretching with their claws when playing. Another reason for Berber's popularity is the belief that Berber is more durable than other styles of residential carpet. It could happen by dragging a piece of furniture across the carpet; it is not likely to happen by driving a toy car on the carpet. If you have pets, we recommend that you do not have berber installed in your home. Looped style carpeting tends to snag claws of pets, and cats enjoy pulling them out for fun. Another reason that Berbers tend to be lower priced than their cut-pile counterparts is that they are less expensive to manufacture. However, as mentioned above, you will usually be able to get better durability for the same money. The carpets come in traditional and modern designs, which are distinguished by different knotting patterns, dyes and fabric textures. For more formal areas such as living rooms, opt for a solid color to reduce the casual feel that a multi-colored Berber can have. Cheryl Simmons is a freelance writer and the owner of a home flooring store with years of industry experience. All the corners are now suede, can't stop him tried all sorts, now shout - he stops and then a few seconds later you here a single ping as he removes a claw, I think he is making a point. Meaning there are not loops to catch your cat or dog’s claws). Soft-fiber carpets, such as the Mohawk SmartStrand collection, will provide a much more comfortable feel underfoot. Many wonder whether, if something does snag a loop, it will cause a "run" in the Berber and cause the carpet to unravel. But in normal walking a cat keeps it's nails retracted and that should not be an issue. Berber carpets can really tie a room together.