Home exteriors have changed a lot over the past century. The once common stone and brick have given way to various siding materials. Stone and brick need little maintenance other than the occasional mortar repair and pulling any creeping vines from attaching themselves to the home. However, most of the homes throughout northern Virginia were built in the past fifty years which means, more than likely, there is some sort of siding on them. If your home has the original siding and it’s more than twenty years old, you may be wondering what the signs are that you need to replace it. We’ve put together our top 10 signs it’s time to replace your siding.

1.      Frequent Repainting

Wood siding should only need to be repainted about every ten years. If yours requires more frequent repainting, it’s time to look at new siding.

2.      Cracks, Holes and Gaps

This is most common on vinyl siding. These imperfections are not only an eyesore but allow pests, rodents and moisture into your home which can lead to all sorts of damage.

3.      Warped Siding

If your siding isn’t flat against your home, it’s not protecting it as it should. This is common with aluminum, vinyl and wood siding.

4.      Multiple Colors

Once the siding on your home was a consistent color but due to fading and constant mildew growth, your siding no longer looks good. Chances are it’s not doing a great job of protecting your home either.

5.      Sudden Increase in Utility Bills

Siding should protect your home from the elements. However, when it allows water in, your home’s insulation can get wet. When this happens, it no longer insulates, which leads to increased heating and cooling costs.

6.      Peeling Paint Inside

If you notice peeling paint alone or along with an increase in utility bills, chances are good that your siding is allowing water into your walls and leading to damage. If you have wallpaper and it comes loose for no apparent reason, it may be a siding leak.

7.      Pest Damage

Sometimes wood siding becomes food for termites. Other times rodents find a small way into your home and cause significant damage not only to the siding but other areas too. This usually leads to new siding.

8.      You’re Building an Addition

If your home is older you likely won’t be able to find the old siding and, if you do, because of fading, it won’t match up. Consider re-siding your entire home as part of the addition.

9.      Smoke or Fire Damage

Whether the fire was on your home or a neighbor’s your insurance will pay to replace the damaged areas. If it’s impossible to match the rest of the home, new siding for your entire home may be the only option.

10.  You Want a Nicer Looking Home

Have you noticed your neighbors replacing their siding? Their homes look much better. If you’re ready to improve your home’s curb appeal, new siding is the best way to make a big change.

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