If you’re looking for new siding for your home, you may have already chosen a siding material. Perhaps you even have a color scheme that you want. But, have you chosen a siding style or styles? Although your home may only have horizontal siding today, that doesn’t mean that you have to choose the same thing you have now for your new siding.

There Are Many Types of Horizontal Siding

Most builders use plain horizontal siding, however, if you’re looking for a little different style consider one of these horizontal siding styles:

  • Lap Siding – Sometimes called clapboard siding, it’s the oldest style of siding and can be found in many different siding materials. Whether you choose vinyl, fiber cement or wood, lap siding is an option.
  • Dutch Lap Siding – Dutch lap horizontal siding gives your home a bit more dimension than standard lap siding. The groove between “boards” are deeper than traditional clapboard siding.
  • Beaded Siding – Many of the older and upscale homes in our area have wood beaded siding. At the bottom of each “plank” is what looks to be a carved bead in the wood. With modern manufacturing techniques of today, anyone on just about any budget can have the upscale look of beaded wood siding in vinyl.

Other Siding Styles

Although most homeowners choose horizontal siding of some sort, it’s not the only option. We often recommend mixing a horizontal style with another style of siding. Here are some options to consider on their own or in combination with a horizontal style.

  • Shake – Real cedar shake is expensive to purchase, install and maintain. Today’s vinyl siding manufacturers offer an option that looks real and is installed just as we install other types of horizontal siding. You can choose from many options of shake siding.
  • Decorative – These siding styles vary depending on manufacturer. The most common is scalloped or half-round which is a nod to the Victorian era.
  • Vertical – Vertical siding isn’t just horizontal siding installed up and down. It is its own type of siding meant to be installed vertically although it looks like clapboard on its side.
  • Board and Batten – Many people call this barn style siding. It was most often found on barns, but today is common on homes as well. Originally it would have been a wide plank with a narrow plank over the edges protecting the area where the two planks meet from water. However, today’s is made with the raised edge at the edge of each panel.

Need New Siding? We Can Help

If you’re looking for new siding of any style, call Windows & Siding Unlimited. We’ll help you design the exterior of your home with horizontal siding, vertical siding or a combination of a few siding styles. Call us today for your free quote – (703) 468-4769.