Windows don’t often have trends. Right now, they do. One of the hottest home improvement trends is black replacement windows. If you’re already looking at new windows for your home, you may want to look at black as an option. It’s a trend because it really can make a big difference in how your home looks, both inside and outside! You may wonder if it’s a good option for your home and here are some ways to make that decision.

Why Black Replacement Windows?

Black replacement windows compliment just about any other color. With so many people choosing some shade of greige in their home, black really pops. Because farmhouse is an ever-growing décor style, black works well with that style. However, one of the best reasons is the contrast black windows and frames add. The look is quite dramatic both inside and outside your home.

Will it Work in My Home?

That’s a common question and a good one. The biggest consideration is the existing trim on your home. If black window frames and sashes won’t compliment or contrast your existing trim, you may want to consider another color. Of course, if you really want black replacement windows, you can also replace your home’s trim.

Next look inside your home. If you have natural stained wood window molding, black might not be a great option. However, most homes have a shade of white. White and black are great together and another popular remodeling trend in kitchens and bathrooms especially.

Same Energy Efficiency, Just a Different Color

Most window manufacturers offer several lines of replacement windows. Not all lines always have black replacement windows. Some only offer black on the outside. You can be assured that black windows offer the same energy-efficiency as other color replacement windows. They also come in the same muntin or grid options and with Low-E glass.

If you’re looking at new windows, call Windows & Siding Unlimited. We can help you decide if black replacement windows are right for your home or if you should consider something else. We’ll work with you to find a window line that works with your budget and what you’re looking for as far as style and color go. Call us today at (703) 468-4769 or fill out our contact form for your free replacement window estimate.