The most common windows used by builders are single hung windows. For many homes, they are a great option. However, if you’re replacing windows, you should consider the other types of windows and decide if they’re right for one or more of your window openings. Sliding windows are a popular option for many homeowners, but like any window type, they have pros and cons.

Reasons for Considering Sliding Windows

If you currently have two or more single or double hung windows in a row in your home, a sliding window will increase your view and air flow. Instead of only have a small area that opens either low or high, you can open a large area.

They are also easy to open, especially when the window is above a countertop or bookshelf. Instead of standing on something to push it up like you would a single hung window, you simply slide it from side to side. And finally, they’re low maintenance and often more durable than other window types. In many models the panes can be removed for easy cleaning.

Why You May Not Want Sliding Windows

Sliding windows in narrow window openings don’t look great or provide the benefits of an enhanced view. They are still a good option if you can’t reach over the countertop. They’re no more energy efficient than single or double hung windows. If you’re looking for the most energy efficient windows you need to consider casement windows (assuming the window and frame have the same energy efficient ratings) as they have the best seal making for the most energy efficient frame and sash.

You Can Mix Window Types

One great thing about replacing the windows in your home is that you can choose the best windows for each window opening. There’s no rule that says you can’t mix styles and, in many cases, it makes good sense. The key is to make sure that each of the window styles you’re choosing have the same options for grids or grilles so they look consistent in your home.

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