As an experienced Fairfax window company, we’ve visited homes where homeowners experienced window failure far sooner than they should. Sometimes it was due to poor installation and other times a cheap replacement window. Assuming you bought quality windows and had an experienced company install it, by following these three tips, your new windows should last for decades.

Properly Maintain Your Windows

Yes, today’s vinyl, fiberglass and clad windows are lower maintenance than wood windows and even older windows of the same material, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance. You will still need to regularly perform some maintenance including

  • Washing the window sills and tracks at least twice a year
  • Re-caulking the windows inside and out about every five years
  • Cleaning the screens and window panes as needed

Of course, if your manufacturer recommends other maintenance, you’ll want to follow their recommendations.

Remember That You Have New Windows

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make after getting new windows is forgetting their ease of operation. Opening or closing a window too hard can lead to damage including breaking of seals and even broken glass. Sometimes the damage to the seals isn’t immediately visible so if you do inadvertently slam your windows, keep an eye out for condensation or other signs of damage.

Let Your Fairfax Window Company Know About Issues

If you notice something with your windows that doesn’t seem right, report the issue right away. Assuming you used a reputable Fairfax window company for installation and choose a quality brand of replacement windows, either the installation/workmanship guarantee or the manufacturer’s warranty should cover the issue (unless its broken glass which is only sometimes covered).

Are You Considering New Windows?

The best way to ensure that you get new windows that look great and last is by choosing an experienced, local and reputable Fairfax window company. Windows Unlimited is just that sort of company. We have decades of experience in new window installation and because we’re an independent window company, we can choose which brands we sell and install. Want to learn more about options for your home and budget? Call us today for a free in-home consultation and estimate at (703) 468-4769 or fill out our contact form.