We’re not one of those windows companies who will tell you that replacement windows give you ROI in just a few years. Even energy efficient replacement windows won’t save you enough on your heating and cooling costs to pay for themselves in less than five years. However, when you choose ENERGY STAR® rated windows and replace your old single pane windows, your new windows save you money in ways other than just heating and cooling costs.

Longer Lasting HVAC System

We all understand that when you compare two identical cars with the same maintenance and one has 50,000 miles and the other has 150,000 miles that the one with more miles is closer to the end of its life than the one with fewer. The idea can be applied to your HVAC system. When you look at their expected life, it’s between 15-25 years depending on maintenance and usage. When you have drafty windows or single pane windows, you end up utilizing your HVAC system more often leading to a shorter life. When you get energy efficient replacement windows for your home, your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard leading to a longer life expectancy.

Better Looking Carpets, Furniture and Drapes

One of the elements included in today’s ENERGY STAR rated windows is Low-E glass. Low-E glass contributes in several ways to the energy efficiency of the windows, but because it also blocks UV rays, it helps prevent fading of items in your home. If you have windows that get direct sunlight and notice that your floors, carpet, furniture or drapes are faded, you will spend money to replace them. With energy efficient replacement windows, because most UV rays are blocked, you won’t have as much fading and won’t need to spend the money refinishing hardwood or replacing things that fade.

Other Benefits Too

And, you’ll also find that your home is more comfortable. Previously you may have been uncomfortable when seated near a window. With energy efficient replacement windows, you won’t feel the drafts or heat transference. Depending on the windows you choose, you may even find that you even enjoy sitting in a room that was previously uncomfortable from direct sunlight because of the Low-E glass in the windows.

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