Whether you’re simply ready for new siding or want an exterior makeover, you want to bring your home up to today’s styles. That means looking at the latest in exterior color trends. Coordinating the colors on your home’s exterior so it looks fresh and modern doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help bring your home into this decade.


New siding trends have moved away from the earthy moss, tans and light blues. The most popular siding colors today include hues of:

  • Deep grey – like that found in Bluestone
  • Black – which can be paired with cream and any of the grey hues
  • Navy – add grey or cream trim for an amazingly modern looking home
  • Bronze – this pairs nicely with deep rich colors and cream
  • Deep blue-green – depending on the amount of blue, it can look sharp with navy, grey or cream
  • Cream – use this as an accent or primary color with any dark hue

You have countless options for a modern color scheme. Once you decide between fiber cement siding and vinyl siding you’ll be able to start narrowing down the colors you love based on what the manufacturer offers.


As you likely have heard or read, black replacement windows are among the hottest exterior color trends right now. They can make your windows a focal point of your home’s exterior. If you are replacing windows and siding, and really want black windows, you’ll want to steer clear of navy and the blue-green hues that are popular. Instead, consider cream as your primary color and either black or a deep grey for your accent color. If you prefer tradition white or off-white windows, you can’t go wrong with any of the darker hues. Navy is especially on trend right now and several manufacturers offer navy and deep blue siding.


As you likely know, our parent company is Peak Roofing Contractors. They offer roof replacement which means we can coordinate your entire exterior remodel so you don’t have to juggle multiple contractors. Peak offers multiple brands of shingles. New shingles trend toward color blend shingles which means a roof with multiple subtle colors.

Whether you’re looking at just new siding or an entire exterior remodel, our team will help you choose coordinating colors for your home’s exterior. Call Windows and Siding Unlimited today for your free quote at (703) 468-4769.