The Weather is Ideal

One of the hesitations some homeowners have about winter and summer window replacements is the fact they feel they waste energy during the replacement process. In the spring, we don’t need heat or AC as much so there’s less concern. Also, because we don’t see as many thunderstorms, the weather is a bit more predicable so we’re better able to come in and get the job done without having to stop for a storm to pass.

You’ll Have a More Comfortable Home During Summer

If you’ve felt like your AC never shuts off during the summer, your windows are likely part of the reason. A significant portion of your home’s energy loss occurs through your windows. When you replace your old windows with new dual-pane ENERGY STAR® rated windows, you’ll not only be more comfortable, but you’ll see a difference in your electric bill.

Better Protection

This is especially true if your old windows leak. When you replace windows in your home with quality vinyl windows, they will protect your home better from not only the elements, but also pests who seek refuge from summer heat and storms. Another level of protection you’ll gain from new windows with Low-E glass is from UV rays which can fade carpet and furniture.

Other Benefits

Of course, some benefits come no matter what time of year you decide to replace windows in your home. Perhaps the biggest is that your home will look better. You may not realize how big a difference replacement windows make when it comes to curb appeal but you’ll notice once your new windows are installed. New windows are also more secure. They’re stronger and the locking mechanisms are superior to older windows.  If you choose a double-hung window, you’ll have an easier time cleaning them when the time comes because both panes tilt in for easy cleaning.

If you’re considering replacing your windows and wonder if now is the right time, call Windows Unlimited today at (703) 468-4769. We’ll come to your home, answer any questions you may have about the windows we offer, replacement window benefits and anything else you may want to know.