Historically, most home builders used cheap vinyl siding. Not inexpensive, but not necessarily the best stuff on the market at the time. It’s likely that your siding is all the same color installed horizontally. If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal when you replace your siding, consider using different colors and styles of siding. Here are some steps that will help you choose a pleasing pallet.

Step One: Look at Your Home

Head outside and take a look at your home. What color is your roof? Are you also replacing it or is it staying the same? What about the trim around your windows and door? What color is your front door? You’ll want to take all the colors currently on your home into consideration if they will remain when you replace your siding. You may also want to look at the houses visible from your home and avoid choosing the same pallet as theirs for your new siding. Here’s what we recommend: If you have a brightly colored roof, choose neutral earth tones for your siding. If your roof is tan, grey or black, choose more brightly colored siding.

Step Two: Know What Colors are Available in the Brand You Want

If you haven’t already chosen a brand of siding, you may want to at least narrow it down. Many homeowners choose James Hardie® fiber cement siding because of its many benefits. Others choose vinyl siding from CertainTeed for its many colors and realistic wood grain patterns. Once you choose type of siding and brand you’re choosing to replace your siding with, you’ll be able to start choosing a pallet.

Step Three: Do You Want Multiple Colors?

One advantage of choosing two colors when you replace your siding is that it creates visual interest. Even if you use the same style siding, having complimentary or contrasting colors adds to the look of the home. There are many easy ways to split up your home from choosing a dormered area or a bumped-out area for one color and the rest of the home in the primary color.

Step Four: Use a Visualizer

Most siding manufacturers have a visualizer that will help you see how different colors of their siding look together. Some allow you to upload your home and try on their siding while others have stock homes. This is one of the best ways to see how different colors look together.

If you haven’t chosen a siding company to replace your siding, call Windows and Siding Unlimited. Our siding department has vast experience installing all types of siding. If you need help selecting a color pallet that you’ll love, we can help with that too. Call us today at (703) 468-4769 or fill out our contact form for your free estimate.