Siding replacement is becoming more common throughout Fairfax and Manassas as home age past the 20-year mark. That’s about when most older vinyl siding begins to crack and wood siding becomes more difficult to repaint and repair. If you are wondering about replacement siding for your home and have questions, we’re here to help.

How Do I Know I Need New Siding?

If your siding no longer protects your home, it’s time for new siding. Another sign is if it’s not able to be properly affixed to your home. If you have wood siding and are painting it more than every three to five years, it’s probably time to contact a siding company.

What’s the Best Type of Siding?

We recommend fiber cement siding most often. It’s able to withstand hail and wind and pests have no interest in it. You may even find that your insurance company offers a discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Homeowners appreciate its wood-like appearance without the upkeep. The only downside is that it’s more expensive than vinyl siding which is the second most popular option. Today’s vinyl siding is stronger, looks more like real wood and is less likely to fade than siding made even a decade ago.

How Long Will My Siding Last?

Fiber cement siding will last 50 years or more. Vinyl siding should last at least half that, perhaps more, depending on the brand and line within the brand.

I Have an Insurance Claim that Includes a Siding Replacement, Do I Have to Get the Same Type of Siding?

No, your insurance claim will pay out a fixed amount for your siding replacement whether you choose the same siding you have today or make a change. Some homeowners choose the same material but want a different style or color while others choose to upgrade to fiber cement siding.

Will My Home be More Energy Efficient?

That depends on the replacement siding you choose. Some come with a higher R-value than your current siding. Other times your siding company will install an insulative house wrap before installing your new siding. New building codes recommend more insulation than older code so your home may require it as part of the installation.

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