Have you been dreading the cold weather that recently arrived in northern Virginia because of drafty windows? Do you wish your home looked nicer inside and out? If so, chances are good that your home would benefit from new windows. Here are three reasons to stop putting off calling a local window company and do it today.

Lower Heating Bills & Increased Comfort

These two go hand in hand as energy efficient windows will both make your home more comfortable and lower your heating and cooling costs. The sooner you get a quote from your local window company and get them ordered, the more of winter you’ll enjoy in a comfortable home. New windows provide these benefits because of Low-E glass and better technology. Today’s replacement windows must meet strict guidelines to be classified as ENERGY STAR® windows.

Better Appearance, Inside and Out

You may not realize how much new windows can change the look of your home until you’ve replaced yours. However, not only will your home have better curb appeal, but the inside will get a bit of a makeover too. Window manufacturers offer replacement windows in many colors with countless options in grids (or grilles), hardware and window styles. You can choose the windows that you want for your home and create a custom look.

Increased Safety

Some old windows don’t stay open well. Others have lead paint. Some are even painted shut which could be tragic in the event of a house fire. New windows increase safety in several ways depending on the style and brand you choose. Some new windows have window opening locks that prevent an open window from being opened more than a few inches which means you can keep your window open even in a child’s room without fear they could climb out. All new windows are more secure than older ones. They won’t blow out of its frame in a strong gust of wind. They also open and stay open as intended.

Call Windows & Siding Unlimited

We want to be your local window company. If you’re ready to learn more about new windows for your home and get a free quote, call us today at (703) 468-4769. We’ll help you choose the right style, color and options that fit your home’s style and budget.